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Continuing Professional Development

Here's where I share the learning I've recently completed.  I choose and complete learning activities from different relevant organisations. This helps to challenge the way I work and further develop and inform my understanding of different lived experiences. 


"Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi


During August 2023 I completed the following modules:


  • Understanding Autism


  • Autism, stress and anxiety 


  • Autism: supporting families


  • Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum


  • Autism and Communication


  • Autism and Sensory Experience


  • GDPR Compliance in Private Practice


During September 2023 I completed the following module:

  • Autism and SPELL in Higher Education - SPELL stands for Structure, Positive approaches and expectations, Empathy, Low arousal, Links. This course looked at best practice in supporting autistic people using the SPELL approach. 


During January 2024 I completed the following activities:

  • From Crisis to Freedom ​- Prof Emmy Van Deurzen 

  • online lecture

organised jointly by the Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy, the European Association for Psychotherapy and the Czech National Association for Psychotherapy, (UUP, EAP and CAP Joint Online Symposium)


Understanding more about the  school of Existential Therapy theory on the effects of war and trauma - an existential crisis - on both individual people, and people as community, society or countries - the journey from despair and crisis to clarity and inner freedom.

  • 'Normal' and 'abnormal' eating in a world of plentiful food

Maggie Turp  - online lecture

- exploring the concept of normal and abnormal eating in a world of plentiful food

- learning more about body shape pre-occupation and the associated impact on individual identity and self-esteem

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