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Counselling or Psychotherapy? 

Counselling is often defined as being more short-term therapy and Psychotherapy as a more long-term therapy.  I use the words Counselling, Psychotherapy and therapy interchangeably.   


 Integrative Therapy - Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions 

As an Integrative therapist, I draw from various therapeutic models in my practice. While Person-Centred Therapy forms the foundation of my approach, I also incorporate ideas from Existential Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Feminist Therapy, and other relevant approaches based on each client's unique needs and circumstances. This integrative approach allows for a tailored and comprehensive therapeutic experience. 

Person Centred Therapy

A person-centred therapist supports you as you explore your personal challenges, emotions, beliefs, behaviours, and worldview. Through this you gain more awareness of your choices, working towards freedom from anything that may hinder your progress and achieving the self-empowerment you desire.


My fee is £60 per session paid before each session.  

Each session lasts 50 minutes (online or in-person - Sheffield).  

I prefer payment by bank transfer for convenience. 


I am able to offer a limited number of concessionary places at any one time, to ensure that those unable to afford therapy still have access to mental health services. Please feel free to talk with me about this. There is often a waiting list for these places. 

Complimentary Introductory chat 

To help you determine if we are a good fit for each other, I provide a free 20-minute introductory chat (online). Please reach out using the Contact Me form to schedule this session.



What is a Covid and Health Conscious Therapist?


As a Covid and Health Conscious Therapist, I prioritise the safety and well-being of my clients in light of the Covid pandemic and other viral and bacterial illnesses. I welcome everyone, including those who are vulnerable to these illnesses or are taking extra precautions.

During our sessions, I take various precautions to minimise risks.  I use a HEPA air filter system, ensure proper ventilation with open windows and doors in between sessions, and offer different types of masks, including FFP2 masks, if requested. Hand sanitiser and hard surface anti-viral wipes are also readily available.

I have received all the necessary vaccinations and boosters for Covid  and flu to protect myself and my clients. 


I am open to working with individuals who have varying views and experiences related to Covid and similar illnesses.

However, it makes sense that if clients are feeling unwell, or have viral like symptoms, like flu, fever or cold, they request an online session instead of an in-person one to reduce the potential for transmission. Your health and safety are my top priorities.

Beach at Sunset

‘The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.’  

– Rollo May 

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